An hour fee for both session and telephonic / email consulting is:     1 500 CZK / 60 minutes

Minimal duration of one session is 1 hour. Any further hour of the session (if it is not full 60 minutes) is calculated by tenths, it means each 6 minutes cost 150 CZK.

1 session usually takes 1 – 2 hours, however in case of need it can be prolonged.

Preparation for Interview: 950 CZK / 60 minutes.


Bonus for recommendation of a new client:

One hour of interactive mentoring free of charge once the client recommended by you will take minimum 5 hours.



Is there anybody from your family, friends or colleagues whom the interactive mentoring could significantly help in the actual work or life situation? Is he / she not able to solve the situation by his/her own force, you value him/her very much and wish you help him/her? Give him/her a voucher for 1 – 2 hours.


Session ordering and cancelation:

New session is possible to order during the past session or by phone / sms minimum 24 hours prior the session.

Cancelation is necessary to do by phone / sms minimum 4 hours prior the session. Later cancelled session is considered as taken and must be paid by client.