Who are potential clients for Interactive Mentoring?



Overloaded people, who need to set up priorities to avoid collapse or health breakdown.

Clients speaking Czech, English or Russian.


How much time a cooperation with  clients  takes?

It is very individual, somebody needs few meetings, with somebody I work several months. It very much depends on tasks which we are solving. Some clients contact me repeatedly in years whenever they need my help.


What is difference between Interactive Mentoring, coaching and training?

Coach helps clients to find solution by themselves. Coach never proposes solutions, never advises or teaches.

Training is a lump sum action which transfers certain comprehensive knowledge to more clients. Trainer does not use interactive approach. It is one way transfer of information from trainer to clients which does not depend on concrete needs concrete client.

I also use coaching but only where it is convenient or necessary from the concrete situation point of view. However beside coaching I also use transfer of my experience, adoption of suitable skills and hand over of concrete advises how to behave, all of this appropriately according to the concrete situation.  But all of this closely focused on actual needs of a concrete client.

Beside this I regularly analyze situation, how much the previous approach was / was not successful and I adapt my approach accordingly. In such way client much more effectively manages new situation.  


In what time period clients will see results of the interactive mentoring?

It depends on a client´s capability to develop himself / herself, to accept and to use new findings and knowledge in practice. Each of us is different, each of us has different speed  of understanding, ability to learn and develop himself / herself. But exactly this is what the interactive mentoring solves. As I adapt my approach permanently according to actual capabilities and needs  of each client.

For instance a case of problematical subordinate can take few sessions.

For easy and successful transfer to higher and difficult managerial position a half year cooperation is usually needed. In such case first sessions are on weekly basis, next ones on fortnight basis, further on each 3 weeks. The last two months we meet usually monthly or only on the base of needs.

Another factor which influences success of the interactive mentoring is how much a concrete client is able to open himself/herself to me and how much the both side “chemistry” will work.


Forms of sessions, ways of communication:

For Prague clients it is alwaysa personal meeting in place either defined by a client or in some restaurant, coffee bar etc. It always depends on the both side agreement.

For non Prague clients the first session in form of personal meeting is optimal, other sessions can be by skype. In case of possibility or needs again personal meetings. It very much depends on situation, client´s needs and both side possibilities.

On phone or by email I solve simple questions if there is such a need between two sessions.