Interactive Mentoring

What does Interactive Mentoring mean?

Interactive Mentoring is my own method of development and help to managers or entrepreneurs in their career. I developed this method and started to use it during my last 5 years of work in  Volkswagen Financial Services.

It is a combination of teaching, experience handover, supervision and coaching of clients. All of this on the base of my long term experience in top management, analysis of a client´s actual situation, character, potential and needs as well as an ongoing evaluation of my work with a client and his/her development.

During my work with clients (on the base of their requirements, reactions and development during the whole process) I actively select from the above mentioned tools and permanently adapt my approach in the way which enables clients to reach required results as fast and as effective as possible.

I am mainly focused on managerial skills, leadership skills, team management, work with priorities, time management and of course all HR issues.

This method is the most effective when clients and me solve actual concrete situations from their own practice. Typical examples:

Promotion to a new managerial position (both first experience on managerial position and  promotion to higher position (especially big career step by two and more levels)), assignment to a high managerial position at a new employer, assignment to a new, difficult position or working situation, transfer from project manager to line manager etc.Thanks to my rich experience I can guide a client – manager quickly in his/her first few months (usually first 100 days of manager is sufficient). Thanks to this the client – manager acquires new skills fast instead of long learning on the base of own attempts and mistakes.

Assignment of client to the position of HR manager.

Development of entrepreneur for instance in a situation when his/her team grows rapidly and he/she needs to improve managerial and leadership skills and set up necessary HR processes.

Difficult life situation, when client is solving too many working and personal tasks, is not able to see his/her situation from helicopter view, to understand his/her interests and to set up necessary priorities.


A profit for clients:

Fast and effective help in complicated cases with subordinates, superiors, clients, business partners etc.

Support from an experienced manager in first (half) year in a new managerial or entrepreneurial situation etc.

Possibility to use my own experiences from top management in difficult negotiations or leadership situations in spite of the fact that client´s own skills are not on this level yet.

Minimization of mistakes and failures in a new position or situation which could lead to a fatal failure in client´s further working or business career.

A view of an experienced but unconcerned person.

A successful step in client´s career.